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The Doctrine

“a boutique development banking FinTech platform organizing structured high yield investment products and financial resources for globally inclusive socio-economic growth”

The Purpose

Our prime objective is to support MSME development by setting up innovative and inspiring enterprises. The core objective is to promote incentivized diversification, access to liquidity and provision of expertise with special emphasis on sustainability.

Strategic Emphasis

  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Development
  • Youth Innovative Enterprise Development
  • Incubation of Futuristic Business Ideas
  • Cloud Banking & Equity Crowdfunding Platforms
  • Development of Cognitive Reasoning Interface
  • Emerging Tech Projects for commercialization

Value Creation

“the very distinctive feature of our business approach is the broad spectrum support to the funded entities that ranges from strategic governance, risk mitigation & business connectivity”

“our investors enjoy best possible capital preservation, maximized returns and reliable commitments thus creating steadfast and consistent investment climate”

Precision Harvest

Murad Bank opens doors for worldwide trade & investment promotion by virtue of its global network of principals, partners and associates. The idea is to facilitate transnational trade and multilateral direct investments. Murad Bank bestows market access, supports direct business linkages, patronizes strategic alliances and encourages partnerships. Exchanging trade delegations and hosting investment meetings are among most prominent initiatives.

Investment Culture

Pelicans Lounge hosts focused investment roundtable sessions with result oriented precision. These ultra-high profile gatherings prove immensely eloquent in terms of direct investors access for capital raising. Murad Bank encourages direct interaction between pre-qualified investment opportunities and potential investors thus maximizing the chances of successful deal closures.

Pelicans Lounge

MuradBank patronizes Pelicans Lounge to encourage trade and investment promotion. Our precision harvest strategy proves eloquent to yield higher outcomes.

Contact Center
  • Multilateral FDI
  • Project Financing

  • Private Equity

  • Cloud Capital

  • JV Conglomeration

  • Private Banking

  • Business Portability

  • Distribution Channels

  • Idea Incubation

  • Commercialization

  • Trade Development

  • Equity Crowdfunding


investing into multiple asset classes across various jurisdictions around the world; that’s what we call our balanced portfolio investments

Pelicans Lounge

Contact Center

Murad Investment Bank Limited

the evolving idealogy of imaginative innovation is indicative of an emerging future full of opportunities & prosperity for everyone